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Emigrating from Poland to America was the way to a dream life. Agnes and Zygmund Kowalski both believed this and began their careers as owners of a small grocery store on Chene Street in Detroit, Michigan. Wanting to bring their favorite foods from the old country to the USA they added a smokehouse to the store and production of Polish Kielbasa and other sausages began. Demand grew and a factory was built in 1920 on Holbrook Avenue in Hamtramck, Michigan.

The leadership of the Kowalski Sausage Company passed from generation to generation with Steve Kowalski, son of the founder, leading the company beginning in the 1950's and his son Ronald taking over in the 1970's, establishing Kowalski as one of Michigan's finest meat processing enterprises. Today, Michael Kowalski and Linda Kowalski Jacob together continue to manage and uphold the traditions of Kowalski Kowality.
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